If you are into sensitive or risky engagements, you need a reliable and trustworthy personal bodyguard for hire services. The company must be well versed in security operations and should guarantee around-the-clock services. Besides manned guards, the company must have demonstrated experience in handling related services such as threat assessment capabilities, first aid services, explosive detection experience and cyber security.


Factors To Consider When Outsourcing a Personal Bodyguard for Hire Company

Security is a combative and labour intense service. It is also volatile and mainly reactive. However, how the service provider prepares and reacts to security issues matters.

First, the company must have risk assessment capabilities. When planning for a protection detail, they must have a foresight mind of what to expect when in action. If it is an event, in transit or a hostile environment, the company must sufficiently understand threat assessment and how to remedy it. The exercise involves physical and intelligent scanning, and aligning the security detail in readiness to any eventuality.

Secondly, the technology used must be efficient. From communication to detection and suppression, the data and outcomes realised must be sure to avoid relapses or wrong judgement. Since personal security is primarily reactive, they need to react with certainty as their actions rely on split-second decisions. It should also be all-around, covering both biotechnology and cyber security.

Above all, the service provider must have medical training. In situations that need treatment, the personnel should administer first aid and stabilise the victim until they reach an equipped medical facility. In essence, personal bodyguards must ensure control of the situation, both before and after a combative situation.

Skills and Competencies of a Good Personal Bodyguard

The most essential element in manned protection is threat suppression. Some of the qualities needed in such instances are:-

  • Good communication skills – should be clear, articulate, and can interpret information with ease.
  • Rigorous training – combative tactics, defensive driving, emergency response and security formations.
  • Team player – security is a collective effort relying on teamwork and professionalism for a common goal.


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