It is no longer a secret that electric bikes are the attraction of the century. For the safety of users, precautions must be taken. The best way to do this is to integrate LTE-M technology. Why choose to use LTE-M technology? In the following article you will find out why it is better to choose LTE-M technology to track electric bikes.

The different IOT products for e-bikes

LTE-M technology is often chosen for tracking e-bikes because of the different IOT products that are available. You can find more details on this website. Apart from the communication protocols available for e-bikes, there are also transmission products. These are the provisions that are used in the connectivity to keep the users of e-bikes safe. In terms of communication, there is the CAN protocol and the UART protocol. On the transmission side, you will find Bluetooth, LTE-M and LORA. Each of these devices is set up for efficient and convenient tracking of e-bikes.

The usefulness of LTE-M technology

LTE-M technology is chosen for tracking e-bikes because of its usefulness. Indeed, the connection offered by this technology is high speed, but consumes less power. This connection can cover a multitude of areas. The bikes will benefit from an efficient GPS tracker that can be traced anywhere. LTE-M technology offers several other advantages. The bikes will have batteries with a long battery life. This means that the cyclist will have more time to use the electric bike. Another advantage is remote monitoring. This is a way of exploiting the broadband connection. This feature allows for remote control. What is even more important about this technology is that remote control is possible over a very wide coverage. LTE-M technology is also useful in data collection. It collects and transfers data not only about the bike, but also about its user. The data is transferred automatically to the user, the brand and the fleet manager.

Products to develop bike connectivity

LTE-M technology consists of several products that are manufactured by Velco. For optimal management of electric bicycles, all products are connected to the CAN network. The primary role of these products is data collection. But, the products have other functionalities in the electric bikes. One of the functionalities of its products is geolocation. It consists of the precise location of the electric bicycle in a dimension of 1 to 10 meters. Global coverage is possible thanks to LTE-M technology. The products allow not only the collection but also the analysis of data. For remote control, LTE-M technology products are also effective. One of the very important features is the anti-theft system characterised by the audible alarm with a very high data rate. Furthermore, the data collected by the device remains the property of the user.

In summary, the choice of LTE-M technology to track e-bikes has several advantages. These advantages can be found in the functionality of the products and, above all, in the usefulness of this technology. The electric bicycle will become essential in the future.